About us


Metral specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of machinery for processing and packaging, based on many years of experience and the use of the most advanced technology.

In the course of its long and successful history, Metral has developed definitive solutions to the problems of product conveyance, dosing, weighing, packaging, palletising and pallet wrapping to ensure stability during transport.

Today, the company, with the use of machinery and more modern resources, can design and manufacture complete ready-to-use systems and provide its clients with technical solutions and significant cost savings, without compromising efficiency and the safety of machine operating staff.

In recent years, Metral has been actively involved in all basic sectors that produce materials packaged in bags.

One of the main advantages of working with Metral is that all of its machinery is manufactured, assembled and tested in its workshops, which results in time savings during final assembly and start-up.

In fact, through its design and manufacture of cement packaging machinery, the company has succeeded in gaining the confidence of leading international manufacturers in these sectors.

40 years at your full desposal

40 years and still going strong! This could be a slogan advertising a miracle cure to combat aging. It is, in fact, the best way to describe the spirit that permeates every aspect of Metral.

During this time, the machines manufactured by the company have achieved great success and recognition, but this has never altered the company’s vocation and enthusiasm to continue growing and improving.

Growth and improvement is Metral’s motto, and always with an eye on the future to ensure that we never become complacent.

The spirit of sacrifice, the deep-rooted sense of duty, enthusiasm and great ability to create the best solutions have always permeated the spirit of the company’s founder, Mr. Casas, who has created a company in his own image and likeness.

Metral’s consolidated experience, which not many companies in this sector can boast, makes it the ideal partner for all clients who wish to resolve any issues with respect to dosing, packaging, palletising and pallet wrapping.


It is not possible to understand Metral without knowing about its founder and owner, Mr. Casas, who, through 40 years of hard work, has taken advantage of his professional experience and built a great company around him.

Thanks to his exceptional personal talent for technical matters and his ability to surround himself with a highly competent team of professionals, Mr. Casas has created for Metral a full range of high quality packaging and palletising products.

His contagious enthusiasm and passion has been passed on to his daughter, Rosa María Casas, who currently manages the company with her husband Isaac Colomer.

Mr. Casas’s clear vocation and passion for technology and innovation is reflected in the constant enlargement of Metral’s product portfolio.

A team of young engineers, who have been trained over the years by the company, ensures continuity and guarantees for the future.

Since it was founded, Metral has developed outstanding expertise in identifying and applying the most appropriate technical solutions for its clients.

Mr. Casas and his staff have demonstrated this ability with a remarkable versatility that has enabled Metral to perform at the highest level in all of the projects it has undertaken.

Metral manufactures weighing, bagging, palletising and wrapping machines, as well as accessories and complementary products, while always searching for innovative solutions with optimum results.

Important milestones:

    • 1978: Bag palletiser
    • 1982: Shrink-wrapping line
    • 1986: Pallet-less system
    • 1986: Bagging line
    • 1989: Train and truck loaders
    • 1990: Big bag filling system
    • 1992: Ultrasonic sealing system
    • 1994: Wrapping system
    • 1996: Automatic bagging machine (up to 2.400 bags/h)
    • 1998: High-capacity palletising line (up to 3.000 bags/h)
    • 2001: Automatic bagging machine (up to 5.000 bags/h)
    • 2002: Rotary bagging machine (up to 5.000 bags/h)
    • 2006: Premium quality palletiser (up to 5.000 bags/h)
    • 2008: Robot cell palletisers
    • 2010: VFFS for special applications
    • 2011: TFFS bagging machine