After 40 years of experience in the automation industry, Metral is thoroughly aware of the importance to the client of a quality service that is complementary to the supply of machines.

 Metral provides the following comprehensive services to its clients:

Engineering support

Consultation to identify the client’s needs involving a preliminary assessment of the most appropriate technical solutions to fulfil the client's objectives. Studies are carried out in 2D or 3D CAD.

Customer support to evaluate the R.O.I.

A quotation for the work to be carried out is formulated and, if necessary, an assessment of the client’s ROI. This can occur if the client is considering a range of technical solutions, each of which will have a different effect and profitability.

Quality control of materials

A service to test the quality of the materials (bags, film, pallets, etc.) used by the client. This service is performed by means of laboratory tests and experiments; Metral can offer reliable and authoritative evaluation of the quality of the materials tested.

Upgrading existing instalations

Metral manufactures machinery that complies with the strictest safety and environmental standards. Metral can also offer client advice on adapting their existing premises and machinery to the specific safety standards of their different countries.

After sale service and technical support

Rapid technical assistance (in two business days or sooner) if the client is experiencing problems with the machine’s operation.

Fast and efficient spare parts service

Guaranteed and immediately available spare parts for all products manufactured by Metral .

Services of revamping and retrofit

Revamping and retrofitting services to update or improve existing machinery, irrespective of whether it is in poor condition due to extensive wear and tear.


Personalised training for the client’s staff tailored to their abilities and specific needs. The training can be carried out at the client’s premises or at Metral.

Teleservice online

Online support service to enable fast and immediate analysis of the condition of machines supplied to the client and to help resolve any problems as soon as possible, or, if absolutely necessary, organise an on-site inspection by a technician.