Metral’s ER model rotary bagging machines can be manufactured with between 3 and 12 mouths and reach a capacity of over 5.000 bags/hour.

Together with the SPEEDY valve bag placer, Metral offers a range of highly reliable automatic bagging machines.

The system features a simple intuitive touch screen for human-machine interface, enabling access to the operating parameters of each mouth, production data, weight setpoint, graphics, alarm logs, etc.

The option of transferring data to the plant’s computer network also exists.

Fluidification bagging machine

The fluidisation process enables the filling of valve bags with a wide range of fine-grain products, powders or mixtures.

Our client’s needs can be fulfilled thanks to the design and development of modular pneumatic bagging machines that offer the possibility of adapting the optimum number of mouths to the required capacity.

By combining a low-pressure air feed system, which fluidises the product at the bottom of the chamber, with another inlet at the top, the output is accelerated, thus increasing the machine’s productivity.

This range of bagging machines features a maintenance-free electronic weighing device that automatically controls the cycle and includes the possibility of communication through a computer network. It is also equipped with a control panel at the top of the bag feeders to enable operator access and data display.

Screw packers

Metral‘s screw bagging machines are a cost-effective solution for low production applications of 1 to 5 bags per minute.

The machine is designed as a compact block into which all the components are incorporated.

The machine is equipped with a receiving hopper, a lump breaker (optional) and a screw dosing system. It is driven by a motor and belt transmission.

The electronic weighing system is insulated from the drive area and completely sealed.

Manual bag insertion. Versions are available with automatic placement and removal functions.

Impeller packers (horizontal and vertical)

All Metral bagging machines are equipped with officially-approved electronic weighing systems.

They are connected to load cells that are supplied by the best manufacturers worldwide.

The following functions can be performed:

    • Automatic tare and zeroing.
    • Indicating when scales are empty.
    • High flow opening.
    • Weight increase control.
    • Optimising the high to low flow changeover point.
    • Automatic queue control and regulation.
    • Tolerance control.
    • Control of dosing time.

The system can also perform the following optional functions:

    • Detection of broken or badly positioned bags with automatic outflow shutdown.
    • Automatic adjustment of weight setpoint and all other parameters through the computer network.
    • Automatic saddle height adjustment according to the type of bag.
    • Final emptying and cleaning by depressing the chamber.

Big Bag filling machines

Semi-automatic machines for the filling and weighing of big bags.

Different weighing methods:

    • Gross weight.
    • Net weight.

Screw, gravity, belt or vibrator feed, or a combination of various systems.

These solutions are suitable for bagging powders, granules or pellets and typically involve considerable weights from 250 to 2.000 kg of product.

VFFS 1200 - Vertical bagging in stainless steel

The Form Fill Seal VFFS 1200 is a vertical packaging machine for large formats.

Starting from a flat film reel, forming,filling and closing the bags (guessed or pillo) with three sealings, in a fully automatic cycle.

The maximum width of the reel of flat film is 1.200 mm.

General features:

    • Chassis and parts are made ​​in stainless steel.
    • Hot sealing bar system.
    • Touch screen monitor, permits to use the machine in a very simple and intuitive way.
    • Film servo motor driven.
    • Pneumatic mouvment of the sealers.


    • Pulse welding system with chilled water cooling.
    • Realizable device to drive the bellows.
    • Press to stop the film product, if dusty, and avoid soiling the area of welding.
    • Device to realize the carrying handle of the bag.
    • System to eliminate electrostatic charges.

Main technical characteristics:

    • Lot width: 290 to 580 mm.
    • Lots Length: 100 to 800 mm.
    • Maximum production speed: up to 1.200 bags/hour, obviously based on the characteristics of the product to be bagged.
    • Dimensions: 2.170 x 1.780 x 3.040 mm.
    • Air consumption: 0,8 m3/min., 6 bars.

TFFS bagging machines until 1.200 bags/hour

TFFS machine with a tubular film roll producing up to 1.200 bags/hour.

The ultimate in simplicity and ease of use.

Compact size.

Very low maintenance costs.

Ideal for plastics, chemicals, fertilisers, organic chemical products, salt, wood pellets, etc.


    • Mechanical speed: 1.400 bags/hour.
    • Production speed: 1.200 bags/hour.
    • Bag volume: 10 – 80 litres.
    • Length of bag when full: 350 – 750 mm.
    • Gusset bag width: 295 – 450 mm.
    • Width of bag without gussets: 365 – 650 mm.
    • Minimum distance between gussets: 210 or 250 mm.
    • Maximum diameter of roll: 1.500 mm.
    • Film thickness: 80 – 220 microns.
    • Compressed air consumption at 6 bar per cycle: 130 litres.
    • Installed power: 16 – 23 kW.
    • Machine weight: from 2 to 3 tons, based on the optionals and the configuration of the machine.

TFFS bagging machines until 2.000 bags/hour

TFFS high productivity bagging machine producing up to more than 2.000 bags/hour.

A highly efficient ideal solution for those processes in which it is not possible to stop the machine other than when changing the roll.

The technology is already widely available in the international market and has been validated in hundreds of cases.

Particularly common in the petrochemical and fertiliser industries, this highly productive machine is often required to withstand three rigorous work shifts per day.

It has a reduced number of moving parts to minimise wear and tear and the need for spare parts, therefore, resulting in low maintenance costs.

Designed with a minimum of moving parts, wear and tear and the need for spare parts is minimised, resulting in low maintenance costs.

The machine’s cycle is so simple that, in a short period of time, the client can become completely self-sufficient with regard to maintenance.


    • Mechanical speed: 2.400 bags/hour.
    • Production speeds: 2.200 bags/hour.
    • Production speed with the mouth cleaning device and/or deaeration: 1.700 bags/hour.
    • Bag volume: 10 – 80 litres.
    • Length of bag when full: 350 – 750 mm.
    • Gusset bag width: 295 – 450 mm.
    • Width of bag without gussets: 365 – 650 mm.
    • Minimum distance between gussets: 210 or 250 mm.
    • Max. roll: 1.500 mm.
    • Film thickness: 80 – 220 microns.
    • Compressed air consumption at 6 bar per cycle: 120 litres.
    • Installed power: 18 – 25 kW.