High production machine Stretch-Hood

The stretch hooding system for protecting and holding the load in position on the pallet is an innovative process developed by Metral in 1993.

One of its main advantages is the elimination of heat shrinking and its resultant energy savings and safety improvements.

The Metral stretch hooding machine is the result of a process of technical development in which its mechanisms have been perfected to the extent that it has reached an optimum level of quality.

The machine was designed to be robust in order to withstand rigorous operating conditions with minimal maintenance.

The use of very thin plastic in the wrapping process also provides cost savings.

M6000VS Stretch-Hooding

The M6000VS hooding machine is highly versatile and designed to be highly productive.

The concept of the machine is identical to the high production machine, but without the hood preparation system. Its design is highly robust and it is manufactured with high quality components.

Optimum operation does not require special attention from the operator.

When the plastic roll finishes, the machine stops automatically and the operator is alerted by light or sound alarms.

Various film thicknesses can be used, depending on the final desired tension and degree of protection.

The finish is smooth and watertight on the five sides it protects.

The machine can adapt to different pallet sizes automatically.

The bottom of the load can be protected by applying a flat sheet of film on the empty pallet before palletising, thus providing protection on all sides.

Shrink hooding machine

Metral‘s wrapping and shrinking machine ranges are part of the company’s traditional product portfolio.

We offer hot air or direct flame models that can produce up to 200 pallets/hour.

Integrated models are also available to minimise the space occupied.

The thickness of the film is 60 – 220 microns.

For example, a 1m³ pallet requires 200 g of film for a propane gas shrink frame with a 120 micron hood.

The shrink frames function with propane or natural gas.

It features operating controls, pressure gauges, officially-approved valve blocks, etc, as well as all safety elements as required by law.

Several versions with fixed burners or variable geometry are available to adapt to different sized pallets with automatic format changing.

Shrink wrapping systems are utilised in various industrial sectors, in which great rigidity is required to support loads, and in countries in which it is difficult to supply other types of film.

The versatility of operation of Metral‘s machines enables them to be used for the protection of different shaped loads with particular anti-adhesion applications when the product is susceptible to sticking to the heated plastic.

Their simplicity of operation makes Metral machines the preferred option for industry.